We all know how great photoshop is, and if you’re a regular user you’ll probably have had a play around with the patterns feature. In web design it’s commonly used to create textures and creating a bit of depth on the page. But how do you make your own photoshop pattern?

There are lots of free ones available out there and they are great, lots of payed ones too mind you. But what if you just can’t find what you are looking for? Well here’s a nice and simple way you can create your own.

For this tutorial I’m assuming you have a copy of photoshop installed on your system.
Start by creating a new file for your web page layout:

Create a new layer, this will be the background that we apply our pattern to:

Now it’s time to create our pattern! It’s simple, but you will doubtless have to go back and tweak it a few times before you are happy with what you have. So create a new file, about 5px by 5px will do as we are only create the small repeat section.

Create a new layer, and hide or remove the background layer. You must make sure that the background is transparent. Use the Rectangular Marquee tool to select the pixels you want to be part of your pattern then use the Paint Bucket tool to fill out the pattern. Go for black as you will find it easier to work with when applying to a layer.

Once you are happy with your pattern, in the menu click Select > All which will highlight the whole image, make sure you have clicked on your pattern Layer.

Then in the menu click Edit > Define Pattern. Select a name for your test pattern, and click OK.

Next, go back to your web page file. First, select a background colour for which to apply your pattern and use the Paint Bucket tool to fill the background space with it. Then in the menu click Layer > Layer Style > Pattern Overlay. This will bring up your pattern options, and if you click on the Pattern dropdown, you will see your Custom Pattern within the list!

Select your pattern and tweak the Scale and Opacity options to get the pattern to what you are looking for.

If you are not happy with your pattern, simply go back to your pattern file and create another one! If you find you have too many that you don’t want, you can go back to the pattern dropdown, right click on the pattern and delete.

Bosh, it’s that simple folks.

Enjoy everyone!